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TUNE OF THE DAY: OctaHate By Ryn Weaver

TUNE OF THE DAY: OctaHate By Ryn Weaver

Ryn Weaver

Little is known about the American upcoming singer-songwriter Ryn Weaver, but she has already garnered the support of various celebrated musicians and artists, including Charlie XCX, Paramore’s Hayley Williams and Jessie Ware. Her debut single “OctaHate” has also gained a huge positive response and has been considered a ‘breath of fresh air’ by many who are on the search for new sounds.


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Stream: CEE - Boutique Groove Guest Mix

Stream: CEE – Boutique Groove Guest Mix

CEE - Boutique Groove Guest Mix

Have a listen to this chilled, ambient mix brought to us by Boutique Groove. This 15 minute mix features hip hop instrumentals in addition to many popular remixes. CEE delivers an amazing array of  old and new school sounds and flows through each track with effortlessness.

Boutique Groove will be hosting an event at The Russet on July 26th, which will feature mixes and DJ’s of the same chilled…

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Music Video: Jessie Ware - Tough Love

Music Video: Jessie Ware – Tough Love


Jessie Ware releases the visuals for her latest single titled “Tough Love”. The track, which has been released through Universal Island Records, hints at another major project release from the acclaimed artist.

The video project, brought together by BRTHR Films, highlights the varying aspects of “tough love” and the issues that it presents. The…

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Music Video: Trey Songz - Change Your Mind

Music Video: Trey Songz – Change Your Mind

Established American rapper, producer, singer-songwriter and actor Trey Songz recently released the music video for “Change Your Mind” – the final track from his sixth studio album, Trigga, which was itself released on the 1st July.

The video for “Change Your Mind” may be simple, but it works well. Trey Songz’s rooftop party fits…

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Music Video: Run River North - Excuses

Music Video: Run River North – Excuses

Delightful. That’s the adjective I’d use to describe the video to “Excuses” by Run River North. It’s probably what I’d use to describe the track as well, but to be honest it doesn’t give the song enough justice.

This is a track that made me travel back in time to the excitement I felt when I first heard “A-punk” by Vampire Weekend –…

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Free Download: ASTR - Part Of Me

Free Download: ASTR – Part Of Me


Made for Annie Mac’s Free Music Monday Movement, New York duo ASTR unleashed their new tune “Part Of Me”, which continues to demonstrate their sound of mixing electronic beats with R&B harmonies in their very unique style. They are slowly establishing their sound that makes them stick out in a scene that is currently condensed. Listen and enjoy their this fantastic tune.


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Music Video: Michael Christmas - Y’all Trippin’

Music Video: Michael Christmas – Y’all Trippin’

The storyline of this music video is basically the cliché ‘Good triumphs over Evil’, but with a more goofy feel. Although the video is cliché, Michael Christmas is not; just by simple observations you can get a feel for what it would be like to spend a day with him.

Last, but certainly not least… GoldRush. “Y’all Trippin” came…

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