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MusicUmpire Interview | JON KENZIE

MusicUmpire Interview | JON KENZIE

Jon Kenzie

Mancunian singer-songwriter Jon Kenzie is like a breath of fresh air. His intimate acoustic sound is emotionally evocative and the songs from his latest album, Sing A Little Higher, are evidence of true musical talent. He spoke to MusicUmpire about touring, breaking into music, his musical influences and hopes for the future.

MU: How long have you been making music?
I’ve been gigging and…

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Kanye West Looks Fresh in GQ Magazine

Kanye West Looks Fresh in GQ Magazine


Despite all the criticism Kanye West has gotten as of late, he is surprisingly poised, honest and genuine in his latest GQ interview. Even the fashion spread itself was very tasteful and it really showcased Kanye’s minimal, but very fresh and relatable sense of style.

The spread is also perfect timing because if you follow me on Twitter(@dutyfreecritic) you may have seen that I just reblogged a…

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Music Video: Ofei - Wow

Music Video: Ofei – Wow

The visuals for the first track from Ofei’s upcoming EP have dropped. The video for “Wow” is powerful, yet striking in its simplicity, as it provides the raw message of the song an added depth of feeling. It is evident that Ofei has an undeniable talent, which is effortlessly conveyed through his impassioned vocals. The dramatic…

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TUNE OF THE DAY: For Want of a Better Word By Leaders Of Men

TUNE OF THE DAY: For Want of a Better Word By Leaders Of Men


Hesitation. The word is not applicable to “For Want of a Better Word” – lead single from Dublin-based five-piece, Leaders of Men.

From the offset, it’s clear this is a band that isn’t holding anything back. Counting in at under 3 minutes, this is a musical roller coaster ride set to kick you in the teeth with a sonic thunderclap.

An explosive entrance gives space to subtle guitar work fluttering…

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Music Video: Luke James feat. Rick Ross - Options

Music Video: Luke James feat. Rick Ross – Options

Luke James is such a raw talent. Although he has been on the scene for many years, James exudes that untouched feeling as if he is still making music for himself. With his songwriting skills apparent on hits such as Chris Brown’s ‘Crawl,’ James only needed the right moment to shine on his own terms and with that comes a hit like…

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Music Video: Santigold - Kicking Down Doors

Music Video: Santigold – Kicking Down Doors

Santigold is back with a fire in her veins. Her latest video, “Kicking Down Doors” is a glimpse into a war torn arena—where exactly, is unclear. The video short, made in promotion of the FIFA World Cup follows a young boy who navigates through rubble, tear gas, explosions and standing militia. He wonders whether he will be safe from…

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