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Stream: Lovestarrs - Life Is A Bitch

Stream: Lovestarrs – Life Is A Bitch

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Stream the latest track from London pop group Lovestarrs titled “Life Is A Bitch”.

The single draws influences from calypso alongside contemporary electro-pop creating a nice summer track. The age old mantra of “Life Is A Bitch” is one which is universally supported however, contrary to its subject matter, the instrumental is happy, engaging and upbeat. The track is catchy, engaging and fun,…

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TUNE OF THE DAY: London Heart by Tenterhook ft. Stephanie Fraser

TUNE OF THE DAY: London Heart by Tenterhook ft. Stephanie Fraser

Tenterhook, also known as Archie Faulks, has become a subject of interest since uploading some demos on Soundcloud a few months ago. His beautifully melodic and moving sound perfectly exposes his talent, so it’s no surprise that he’s already been played on XFM and BBC Radio 1. This particular track, “London Heart”, was featured as Zane Lowe’s “Next Hype” on the 5th August.

Stephanie Fraser’s…

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Music Video: Joey Bada$$ - Big Dusty

Music Video: Joey Bada$$ – Big Dusty

19 year old Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ dropped the visuals for his Kirk Knight produced single “Big Dusty”, which will feature on his forthcoming album B4DA$$.

The “Big Dusty” music video keeps in line with the grittiness and melancholy boom bap style of the song with its dark and foggy aesthetics that see Joey Bada$$ and his Pro…

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Music Video: Sean O’Neill - Vienna

Music Video: Sean O’Neill – Vienna

The visuals for “Vienna”, the first track from Sean O’Neill’s forthcoming debut album, have been unveiled. The video is made up of found footage shot by filmmaker Jonathan Sterkenburg. The captivating visuals suit the calm, ambient music so well that it’s difficult to imagine a better pairing.

The Australian singer-songwriter…

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Music Video: Chet Faker - Gold

Music Video: Chet Faker – Gold

Aussie sensation Chet Faker brings to life his latest single entitled “Gold” from his debut album Built On Glass with Hiro Murai directed visuals.

The video interprets the sensual nature of the song exquisitely with elegant dancing by sexy roller-skater ladies who flow down a long dark highway in mesmerising and simple fashion.


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Music Video: Rubblebucket - Carousel Ride

Music Video: Rubblebucket – Carousel Ride

Quirky Brooklyn band Rubblebucket unveiled their visuals for their latest track and like it’s title it takes you on a spin like a “Carousel Ride”.

Set in a chocolate factory the music video exemplifies Rubblebucket’s colourful character as a band, whilst bringing their lovely song to visually life with interesting props such as…

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Music Video: Saint Raymond - I Want You

Music Video: Saint Raymond – I Want You

19-year-old Callum Burrows from Nottingham, artistically known as Saint Raymond, has released the music video for his upcoming single, “I Want You”, which is out on the 24th August. His debut album is also being released later this year.

Saint Raymond is definitely one to watch. Towards the end of 2013, he supported HAIM on their…

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Music Video: Raury - Cigarette Song

Music Video: Raury – Cigarette Song

Emerging singer Raury introduces us to his latest video release titled “Cigarette Song”. The release comes with the simple tagline “everybody has an addiction”. The Atlanta singer emerges as an interesting new prospect; the artist will feature on the upcoming SBTRKT album as well as supporting Outkast on their tour.

The presentation…

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